Prospecteer for Sales Representatives

Shorten Sales Cycles & Generate Revenue

One of the biggest challenges that sales teams face is finding and and effectively using sale enablement materials generated by marketers. It is estimated that sales representatives spent un to 7 hours per week to find appropriate sales content materials – 7 hours that could be better spent in….well, selling!

Delivering the right content at the right time is crucial for sales representatives. Delivering that content in a tailored manner is crucial for the prospect. The back-end analytics are vital for both – sales representatives need to be able to identify which prospects are sales-ready and prospects don’t want to be bothered with sales materials if they are further up the funnel.

Prospecteer’s powerful sales enablement capabilities empower your sales team to be more efficient, productive and to close more deals. Be centralising your content collateral and using Prospecteer’s sophisticated tag system, sales representatives are able to easily find, use and share critical sales content materials.

With Prospecteer, sales teams are now able to utilise sales enablement materials, streamline their processes, quickly and easily follow-up after every sales engagement with relevant content & ensure their prospects are sales ready.